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We have all your Social Media Boosts in one place, we support Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

We currently offer support to FacebookTikTok and Instagram. We offer account boosts, this includes free followers for Instagram and TikTok and friends/shares on Facebook.

We take quality extremely seriously, each account is reviewed before we send the followers/likes and we take every precaution we can to ensure account safety!

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We have a team with a combined experience of 30 years in Social Media and was around many years before TikTok was born. We have worked with many large and small companies and individuals to achieve their goals. We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously and would hate to see an unhappy customer!


Our experience is by far unrivalled by any of our competitors.


We are constantly coming up with new innovative ideas to provide the best experience.


Our Social Media experts will review your account and create the best action plan going forward.

Happy Customers

We don’t just make successful Instagram accounts, we make happy customers on a daily basis!

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Our Social Media Boost Features

Review your account

Before we start your order we always review each and every account. If an account is fresh (NEW) we will drip feed the followers/likes a lot slower as this will look more natural.

Provide Unbeatable Prices

Our prices are unmatched, nobody in the industry are able to provide a quality service like ours at such a reasonable price. If you can find a better price we will match it!

Brand & Strategy

To give you the best exposure and the highest chance of retaining the followers and likes we sent we will deliver a pool of followers / likes that best suits your account topic/category.


We can create custom packages for new up and coming business' looking to get a small boost on their Social Media. This helps gain traction.

Keep you updated

For example, if we are sending 1,000 Free Instagram followers to your account, once the order is complete you will receive an order confirmation, if you have any issues please quote your order number.

Drip Feeding

All of our services come with Drip Feeding, which used to be optional however we have recently made it mandatory as it ensures account safety which is our main priority.
High level of competence

Our experience will help you gain popularity and reach larger audiences!

Let’s Get Started!

We have been in the Social Media business for over 30 years combined and have shaped and morphed as they changed we changed too altering our marketing methods. We deliver the best service with the best customer support on the market!

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Combined experience

Social Media Services We Offer

Instagram Services

We offer Free Instagram Followers and Premium followers on Instagram. We also offer Instagram Likes, have a look at some of our packages we have to offer.
Instagram Followers & Likes

TikTok Services

Although TikTok is a fairly new platform we offer support as its growing at an unprecedented rate, we believe it will continue to grow. Check out our services.
TikTok Followers & Likes

Facebook Services

Check out some of our Facebook Services we have to offer, this includes Facebook Likes on pages or posts. Facebook Friends on personal accounts and much more!
Facebook Shares & Likes

Have any questions about our Social Media Services?

Get in touch! We are looking forward to starting a new project with you.



When you have been in the industry for years and seen it change and adapt, you understand it’s demands and its limits!


Stable & predictable results

We never rush anything, unlike many Social Media Companies that take on projects they usually try to rush the delivery. This is not only risky for the account it is also unnatural. Never settle for less.


100% Satisfaction guarantee

If we don’t get it right the first time we will the second! We have hundreds of happy customers, however if you have any issues please let us know and we will rectify it as soon as possible.


25+ Years in consulting business

From the days where Facebook was just a baby, to Instagram and now TikTok we have grown up with the platforms and know how to dominate them.


Our Social Media Experts Have You Covered

Personal assistant

Our Premium packages means you will get your very own personal Social Media assistant whilst your order is being completed.

Mobile Supported

Everything on our site is mobile supported, no matter if your out and about, we understand your busy.

We regularly check your process

We don't deliver and move on, we check back in with our customers to make sure they have continued in the right direction. FREE of charge.
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Choose the service you want

Whether your after a Boost on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, we have you covered at Simply choose a service that best suits your need.

Select a Package


Select a Package that suits you

Once you have decided what service you would like, its now time to choose the quantity of followers/friends.

Finalise your order


Complete Order

Depending if you chose a PREMIUM or FREE package we will only require your username, we NEVER ask for your password!

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Simply drop us your Name and Email and we will assign your request to a Social Media Specialist.


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ProfileFollower have you covered:

We explain to you in detail our process

Our PREMIUM packages are tailor made to your account and target.

BIG or SMALL we have you covered

No matter if your a large corporate business or just an individual looking to gain some traction we have you covered!

Best on the Market

Our Social Media experts specialise in Instagram Followers, Facebook Likes and Friends and have recently integrated support for TikTok Followers and Likes.

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Any problems can be resolved by our support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We provide FREE and PREMIUM services for the following:
- Instagram Followers / Likes
- Facebook Likes / Friends
- TikTok Followers / Likes / Hearts

All our PREMIUM packages are tailor made to your account individually, although the followers / likes are fixed that you purchase, the way we deliver will differ depending on many factors.

What's the difference between FREE and PREMIUM Social Media Services?

The FREE packages that we offer come in much smaller quantities, the quality is also a little lower. That's not to say they aren't high quality, it just means that when you purchase a PREMIUM package from us our team will review your account and create the best action plan to deliver your purchased Followers / Likes package.

Is my account at risk?

There are many factors to take in to account, for example if the account is new (FRESH) our drip feed process would be a lot slower and we would have take a slower approach to growing that account. You also need to post content as it will not look natural if your account receives a large following out of the blue. This being said we have never had a single account banned but make no promises just in case! If you have any questions regarding this please contact us and we will give you our honest opinion and approach we would personally take.

Why do I have to do a Survey to get the FREE packages?

As you know, in life anything that's FREE is either too good to be true, or something just ins't right. However in this case things are a little different we are indeed offering what we promise, all you need to do is complete a short 2-3 Minute survey to receive your promised package. It's a very simple process and it means you can also test run our service before purchasing a larger package / service from us.

Why do you not offer support to other Social Media platforms and entertainment sites?

We get asked this question a lot and receive a lot of enquires regarding YouTube Views, Twitter followers, the list continues. The honest answer to this is we are a small team and would rather focus on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for now, this however is not set in stone, but for the time being is our focus points!

Will my followers be ACTIVE and REAL?

Yes, we are very transparent in the way we work. We simply reward users on the platforms to click / like / follower your account, it really is that simple.

You must ensure to continue to post engaging content on your Social Media Account otherwise you risk loosing your followers and your overall engagement levels will drop, nobody wants that!

Absolutely fantastic service from I have had many happy customers from using your service!

Gregory Filman Testimonial
Gregory Filman
Founder "One 4U"

ProfileFollower is the real deal, I got exactly what I paid for and the quality was exceptional. Thanks you so much!

Mark Remmington Testimonial
Mark Remmington
Director "SEO consulting"

Bought some followers on our social media profiles as we are a new business, it looks great especially from an outside perspective.

Diana Wildfire Testimonial
Diana Wildfire
Founder "Seven Consulting"
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