Have you ever tried posting a video on TikTok that you’re so excited about, only to get a handful of views and TikTok likes? Any content creator can understand how creativity can be stifled by not having enough audience for your work. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel with ProfileFollower.

What if you found that there is an easy and effective way to get free followers on TikTok, who can watch and like your videos each time you post? Whether you are a content creator, building your brand, an aspiring TikTok superstar, or you’re simply doing it for the fun of it, our approach to getting your free TikTok followers and TikTok likes guarantees that you get thousands of real audience who can view and appreciate your content. So what are you waiting for, get your free followers now.

If you have any questions regarding our free of paid Social Media services please contact our team and we will get right back to you, hopefully solving any queries you may have.

Before and after 1K Free TiKTok Followers
Before and After 1K TikTok Followers from ProfileFollower
Before and after 10K free followers for TikTok
Before and After 10K Free Followers on TikTok from ProfileFollower

How to get Free TikTok Likes & Followers

Real TikTok Followers

Real Followers

You are guaranteed to get human followers who are 100% real. No fake accounts, no hacked accounts, and definitely no bots. This means that you get a real audience for your TikTok videos who can view and appreciate your content.

Safe and secure

Guaranteed Safe and Secure

We ensure that our tool is safe. We don’t ask for your login information, we use encryption measures and a secure interface, and we enforce strict data privacy policies to guarantee the account security and identity protection of our users.

Connect to Your Target Audience

Connect to Your Target Audience

Our tool connects you to the followers that appreciate and relate to your content, not just random TikTok users. Our algorithm ensures that the free TikTok followers you get are the best followers for your current profile status.

Quality Likes and Hearts

Quality Likes and Hearts

We won’t give you just any random likes or hearts. Since we give you real and genuine free Tiktok followers, you are guaranteed to get quality and real free TikTok likes from the audience who truly appreciate your videos.

TikTok Likes delivery method

Choose Delivery Method

Our tool allows you to choose how you receive your free followers for Tiktok. You can choose to get thousands of new followers all at once or arranged to be delivered over a period of time. The choice is yours!

Step one

Step 1

Getting your free followers on Tiktok is as easy as 1,2,3. First, you have to enter the Tiktok username that you want our users to follow on the online form below. We do NOT ask for your password or any other personal information so you can be sure that your account is secured.

step two

Step 2

The second step involves deciding how many free Tiktok followers you want. You can pick from the available options we have. You also need to select the delivery method — do you want to get your free Tiktok followers all at once or over the course of time?

step three

Step 3

Lastly, submit your request. Our system ensures that our users are humans and not robots, so you may have to be asked to complete a survey before you receive your free followers on Tiktok. After completing it, be prepared to receive lots of free Tiktok followers on your account.

Step 1) Let’s Get Started!

Enter your TikTok Username Below

*We do NOT Ask/Require your password*

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Why Choose ProfileFollower?

Before and after 500 Free Followers on TikTok
Before and after 500 Free TikTok Followers From ProfileFollower.com

Become a TikTok Idol

Get the opportunity to reach thousands of people through your videos on TikTok. Let your creativity flourish and your talent grow as your followers grow in number. Feel instantly appreciated and know that your content is viewed by thousands of people who can relate to your videos.

Be the TikTok idol that you’ve always wanted to be. Build your brand and gain followers in other platforms by posting your TikTok videos on other social media sites. This is your chance to achieve your dream of reaching your target audience and being appreciated for your talent and content. You can finally post what you like and stop thinking about posting videos that will get you more followers. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service safe?

We guarantee that our tool is 100% safe and secure. We will not ask you to disclose any private or personal information throughout the process. All we need to get you the free Tiktok followers and likes is your username, and we will not ask for anything else. We follow strict data privacy rules, and we use full encryption measures. Your information will be kept confidential from any third party entity.

Can my account be blocked by using ProfileFollower?

No. By using our tool, you gain thousands of real free Tiktok followers and likes through legal means, without using bots or hacking. Tiktok automatically picks up and investigates accounts that have suspicious activities, our tool gets you free Tiktok followers the legitimate way.

Why do I have to complete a survey before I get my free Tiktok followers?

The survey is to protect our users from automated bots and fake accounts. It ensures that only real and genuine TikTok users can have access to our service. If you wish to avoid this we have many Paid packages you can choose from.

Can I also get free Tiktok likes or hearts?

Yes! Since your free Tiktok followers are real people who can see your content and appreciate and relate to your posts, they can like your videos just like any human Tiktok user would. Try one of our trials today and let us know your thoughts by leaving a testimonial on our contact page.

Why are you giving away free Tiktok followers and likes?

Our service aims to connect Tiktok users to followers and match their content. We want to build a community wherein all parties can mutually benefit from each other’s social media activity. Through this win-win design, our service users and followers get to benefit from the service with zero cost to anyone.

How can I reach you if I have other questions?

We understand that any new user of our service will have their apprehensions and certain issues they want to resolve. Our support team is available to answer any of your questions and issues. Simply send us a message through our contact page and we will get back to you immediately.

Buy TikTok Followers - Give your account a Premium Boost!

Reach your dream of stardom, be viewed by thousands of quality fans and followers, receive likes and shares by availing our Premium Follower service. By purchasing followers our team will deliver a more tailored plan which will be sure to help your profile engage with other TikTok profiles. We take great care of our customers accounts, furthermore with our premium followers as they are targeted to your specific niche, you will usually receive a lot more TikTok Likes too!

When you Buy TikTok Followers we also include a 4 month refill, meaning if the followers drop below the purchased amount within 4 months we will refill them completely free of charge, that’s why ProfileFollower is the leading social media specialists, because we care.

High Quality Followers

Higher Quality Followers

While our free service delivers high quality followers, our premium follower service can connect you to an even higher quality fan-base who are carefully chosen to fit your target demographic and match your branding preference.

TikTok account screening

Follower Screening Process

Accounts under the premium followers are carefully chosen, screened and selected, taking into account basic demographic data such as gender, location and age so we can deliver your preferred followers. Furthermore, we carefully match the follower with the service user’s content to ensure organic likes and hearts.

24/7 Support

24/7 Online Support

Our support team is available 24/7 before and after sales. We are ready to listen to any concerns regarding your Tiktok account and your premium followers. Our comprehensive support can tackle any matter of concern and we ensure to address any issue promptly.

Premium TikTok Followers Packages



Number User



One Time Payment

1,000 Premium TikTok Followers

Quality Followers

No password required

Fast delivery

24/7 Support

Enter TikTok Username
Enter your Email



One Time Payment

2,500 Premium TikTok Followers

Quality Followers

No password required

Fast delivery

24/7 Support

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One Time Payment

5,000 Premium TikTok Followers

Quality Followers

No password required

Fast delivery

24/7 Support

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One Time Payment

10,000 Premium TikTok Followers

Quality Followers

No password required

Fast delivery

24/7 Support

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Enter your Email

What are TikTok Followers

What Are TikTok Followers And Likes?

If you haven’t used TikTok yet – or if you’re just getting started on the platform – you may be wondering what people mean when they talk about TikTok followers and likes. In a nutshell, these are metrics by which your popularity is judged on TikTok. When someone views your profile or some content you’ve created, they’re able to choose to follow you on the platform. This effectively means they’ll see everything you create on their feed before they browse anywhere else.

TikTok Hearts

TikTok Hearts and Likes

Likes, meanwhile, are a pretty simple concept – when someone views a TikTok video you’ve created, they can “like” it, which is as simple as tapping the heart icon. The TikTok algorithm that decides what videos to show you in your feed is influenced in part by videos you’ve liked, so if people like your content, they’re likely to be shown videos similar to that in the future. That also means that if people like content similar to yours, then your videos may be more likely to pop up on their feed, and if they’ve liked your videos before, they may get more of your content in their feed. As you can tell, TikTok likes are vital for success!

TikTok Profile Statistics

Keep a track of your Profile Statistics

Keeping your TikTok follower and like counts up is very important if you want to be successful on TikTok. You can check your follower count simply by viewing your profile, and you can look at each video you’ve made to see how many likes it’s received. Higher numbers of both TikTok followers and likes generally mean that you’re more visible and influential on the platform, although it’s worth noting that likes and followers aren’t the only things that are important; you also need to boast high engagement if you want to maintain your following.